The reproductive health service nexus and pregnant teenagers

Prof Macleod as project leader, Prof Vincent as collaborator

Using ethnographic methods informed by Foucauldian analytics of power and positioning theory, the aim of this research is to study the nexus formed in the reproductive health interaction between pregnant teenager and health service providers within the context of current health care facilities, policies and procedures.  Data will be collected from two health districts in the Eastern Cape. Two antenatal clinics will be selected in each area. Data sources will be: official documentary resources in which adolescent reproductive health service provision features; observations of clinic spatial arrangements, waiting room protocols, and administrative procedures; observations of clinical consultations and counselling sessions; interviews with the managers of the clinics, health service providers, and pregnant teenagers, as well their partners or family where possible; clinical case files of those teenagers who grant permission to use this material; journals and diaries of those teenagers who are willing to document the progress of their pregnancies.

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