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Ms Janet K. C. Chisaka



                                                                                                              Email address: j.chisaka@ru.ac.za

                                                                                                              Office number: +27 (0)46 603 8890

Lecturer in Sociology

MA, PhD Candidate (Rhodes University)


  • Social and cultural change
  • Demographic change
  • Development
  • Health and illness


  • Medical profession and practice
  • Healthcare policy
  • Health and illness narratives
  • Technology and healthcare


  • Mapadimeng, M. S. & Khan, S (eds.). 2010. Contemporary Social Issues in Africa: case in Gaborone, Kampala, and Durban. Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa.
  • Chisaka, J. K. C. & Coetzee, J. K. (2009). The effect of HIV/AIDS and generational poverty on biographical disruption; the life stories of Eastern Cape women. Acta Academica, 41 (2) 132-157.


  • University of Michigan African Presidential Scholar, 2010 Fall.
  • Joint Research Committee, 2010 Rhodes University Research Grant.
  • National Research Foundation (NRF), 2004-2006 Research Grant under Professor Jan K. Coetzee’s NRF Sustainable Livelihoods Project.


  • South African Sociological Association


  • The professional dominance perspective:  an analysis of Eastern Cape general practitioners’ and specialists’ views on the national health insurance (2011-2012). Presented at the 2016 Annual South African Sociological Association held at the Rhodes University, Grahamstown (26th – 29th June).
  • “United in achieving quality health care”: A case study of two new public-private partnership hospitals in South Africa. Presented at the University of Michigan African Presidential Scholars, School of Public Health (October, 2010).   
  • A critical reflection on using assessment for learning. Presented at South Eastern Workshop on Southern Africa (SEWSA), 2009 Workshop, Rhodes University
  • Guidelines for the disinfection of drinking water. Presented at the 2009 Water Institute of South Africa Conference in Port Elizabeth (11th – 13th May)
  • A critical reflection on using assessment for learning. Presented at South Eastern Workshop on Southern Africa (SEWSA), 2009 Workshop, Rhodes University
  • Teaching sociology in a complex world: a critical reflection on using assessment for learning
  • Presented at the 2008 Higher Education Learning and Teaching in South Africa & Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning conference held at Rhodes University (30th November – 3rd December)
  • Teaching sociology: what am I doing? Presented at the 2008 Annual South African Sociological Association held at Stellenbosch University (7th - 10th July).
  • Chronic poverty and HIV/AIDS.  Presented at the 2008 North Eastern Workshop on Southern Africa (NEWSA) Conference in Burlington, Vermont, USA (17th – 19th October).
  • A biographical disruption due to AIDS and generational poverty: women’s experiences.
  • Presented at the 2007 Annual South African Sociological Association held at the University of the North-West, Potchefstroom (25-28 June).


  • 2017 Robert Letsholo Walaza (Masters)
  • A thematic analysis of the challenges experienced by those living with tuberculosis.


  • 2017 Cassandra Guerra (Honours with distinction)
  • “I don’t have HIV ok”: The perceptions of five white male students at Rhodes University surrounding HIV/AIDS.
  • 2017 George Nabembezi (Honours)
  • Migrating to Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa: A case study of ‘skilled’ and ‘unskilled’ Ugandans.
  • 2017 Sharon Taulo (Honours)
  • A study of the impact of gender cultural practices on HIV/AIDS rates in rural Malawi.
  • 2017 Zenanile Zoe Dlamnin (Honours)
  • Public knowledge and beliefs about mental illness in South Africa.
  • 2016 Buncwanekazi Mankantshu (Honours)
  • The impact of HIV knowledge on behaviour
  • 2015 Paige Hardisty (Honours with distinction)
  • A comparative study analysing attitudes and responses to the implementation of school counselling in public and private schools in Grahamstown, South Africa.
  • 2015 Meryn Tee (Honours)
  • A qualitative study on the experience of adoption for two families in Grahamstown, South Africa.
  • 2012 Sinazo Nomsenge (Honours)
  • Health and health policy: public awareness and general knowledge of national health policies, health-related rights by King Williams Town residents.
  • 2012 Avuyile Maselwa (Honours with distinction)
  • Training and work experience of nurses and enrolled nurse in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
  • 2012 Amkelwa Mapatwana (Hounours with distinction)
  • Reproductive health rights for children between the ages of 12 to 15 in Ntabankulu, in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
  • 2012 Lethabo Happy Sekele (Honours with distinction)
  • A qualitative analysis of Community/Home-Based Care in South Africa: The Case of Volunteers in Perskebult village, Limpopo Province
  • 2011 Esteri Msindo (Honours)
  • An exploration of coloured and Xhosa men’s definition and experience of masculinity as it relates to Xhosa ritual circumcision.
  • 2009 Kimberly Usher (Honours, with distinction)
  • The emotional labour experienced by pastors in their work: a case study of three pastors in Grahamstown.
  • 2008 Yeukai Mukorombindo (Honours)
  • Community engagement and service learning at Rhodes University.
  • 2008 Nadine Dzambo (Honours)
  • Students’ perceptions of race at Rhodes University.
  • 2008 Jetaime Samodien (honours)
  • Educational inequalities in subject grade in South Africa: A study of the limitations imposed on learners writing their subjects on standard grade.


  • Zenalile Zoe Dlamini (Masters)
  • Mental health policy and practice in Swaziland.
  • Tadala Kudala (Masters)
  • Mental health perceptions among the youth in Grahamstown, South Africa.
  • Throne Ntshinga (Masters)
  • A study of the implementation of the national policy on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) at Rhodes University.
  • Bokang Phiri         (Honours)       
  • Traditional leaders and community councils in Lesotho: roles and challenges on rural development.
  • Thab’sile Mgwili (Honours)        
  • Impact of dumping sites on health in Grahamstown East, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.
  • Siphokazi Mathe (Honours)         
  • A sociological analysis of Rhodes University students’ perspectives on the determinants of health
  • Mpona Setsabi      (Honours)      
  • A Black, African woman‘s identity, community and cultural authenticity: What does hair have to do with it?
  • Zondelela Njaba (Honours)                     
  • The impact of gender socialization on Rhodes University students’ perspectives on the determinants of health.
  • Unathi Mabukane
  • A study of the impact of the Rhodes University’s community engagement on Grahamstown residents.
  • Lloyd Wambua    
  • The influence of pop culture on Rhodes University students’ perspectives on health.
  • Michaela Kock     
  • A phenomelogical study of the lived experiences of former private school youth from poor families.
  • Qaqambile Luthuli (Honours)
  • Experiences of reproductive health services in SOWETO, Johannesburg, South Africa.




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