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Prof Alberto Bialakowsky

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Valparaiso, Chile.

President of the Latin American Sociology Association (ALAS).

PhD, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

His areas of specialisation include labour movements, excluded populations, co-research and collective intellect.

An example of his work includes Workers in the new capitalist era. Between being and knowing, Editorial Teseo 2010, 2011 (second edition), which he co-edited with Osvaldo Battistini.

Prof Bialakowsky participates and partners in a wide range of social projects including one titled: Recovered Factories in Buenos Aires: a Citizen Strategy to Mitigate Unemployment and Poverty in Argentina.

The background to this project is as follows:

Since the 1990s, deep changes in labour relations in Argentina have deteriorated the living conditions of many people. With poverty, unemployment and exclusion on the increase, social movements such as fábricas recuperadas are helping to mitigate the social crisis.

The movement consists of 160 factories employing about 9 000 workers. When they are informed that the factories are bankrupt, the workers decide to keep their jobs by taking over the factories and managing their own production. Since this is illegal, they must negotiate a juridical framework with the police, the political authorities and the judges to thus legalise their action.

It is important to research and learn from their strategy because far from being an individualised answer to poverty, recuperated factories are a means of proactive collective action that offer a sustainable, innovative solution to poor workers and their families. Such movements make an extremely important contribution to the social reintegration of citizens.

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