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Prof John Holloway

Professor John Holloway is based at the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences at the Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico, and has PhD in Political Science from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Lecturer, lawyer, author, Marxist-oriented sociologist and philosopher, Prof Holloway is widely regarded as one of the great contemporary thinkers on social emancipation. His work reflects the concerns of global justice movement activists everywhere and he has been strongly influenced by the practices of the Zapatista movement in Mexico - his home since 1991. ?His most recent book is Crack Capitalism (Pluto Press 2010).

His work has influenced the Abahlali baseMjondolo – the South African Shackdwellers’ Movement (http://abahlali.org), the Piquetero Movement (uniting impoverished unemployed workers in an effort to secure a sustainable livelihood in Argentina) and the Anti-Globalisation Movement in Europe and North America. ?

His 2002 book Change the World Without Taking Power has been the subject of much debate in Marxist, anarchist and anti-capitalist circles, and contends that the possibility of revolution resides not in the seizure of state apparatuses, but in day-to-day acts of abject refusal of capitalist society – so-called anti-power, or ‘the scream’ as he repeatedly puts it.

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