Tanyanyiwa, P

My name is Precious Tanyanyiwa and I am currently in my 3rd year of PhD. I joined Rhodes University in 2005, completed a bachelor of social science in 2007 and an Honours degree in industrial and economic sociology in 2008. I proceeded to do a Masters in the field of knowledge production and endogeneity. My thesis ‘Race, class and inequality: An exploration of the scholarship of Professor Bernard Magubane’ was an attempt to addresses the problem of academic dependency in the new generation of African scholars by engaging with the works and scholarship of Professor Bernard Magubane.

I’m currently doing research in the field of Sociology of education.  My PhD thesis ‘A sociological analysis of the provision of extended studies as a means of addressing transformation in the Humanities Faculty of a historically white university’ addresses issues of higher education access and success by analyzing the Rhodes University Extended Studies Programme.


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