Sithole, TT

I am a proud Zimbabwean from Harare, who studied a Bachelor of Social Science degree majoring in Political and International Studies, Organisational Psychology, and Industrial and Economic Sociology at Rhodes University since 2009.

I am currently studying my Honours in Development Studies in the Sociology Department as well as being the Class Representative and tutor in the department. My area of interest is the impact that Non-Governmental Organisations have on the local culture and traditions of the organisation they are assisting as well the social, political and economic effects these NGOs have on the local community. This is an area of importance to me and my research will look at the conditionality tied to foreign aid for social development and poverty reduction purposes, the consequences that come with it, as well as the subsequent reliance a community develops towards foreign aid as opposed to local government aid or communal assistance.

My research will be centred on NGOs operating in South Africa.

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