Felix Tombindo


I'm Tombindo Felix from Masvingo, Zimbabwe. I'm currently  reading for an honours degree in Sociology. I read for a Bachelor's degree in Social Anthropology from 2009-2012 at Great Zimbabwe University. I was awarded a MELLON FOUNDATION HONORS SCHOLARSHIP to study at RHODES UNIVERSITY for the 2014 academic year. My research interests are on the conundrum that surrounds the interface between social sustainability and environmental sustainability with regards to rural livelihoods. Which one comes first; and with what possible outcomes? A first hand observer of some of the heavy 'structural' constraints that rural people in one of the almost completely disconnected communities in rural Zimbabwe, my research is aimed at an in-depth qualitative understanding of how rural people come face to face with the vagaries of ecological variability in their quest for survival. The research is grounded in Giddens' theoretical concepts, 'agency' and 'structure' from his Structuration Theory.

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