Ramathetse Matabane



My name is Ramathetse Belinda Matabane. I am from Limpopo province, Polokwane. I am currently doing my Honors in Sociology. My research topic is the impact of media on women’s identity. The question that the research aims to address is: how music videos’ sexualisation of women affects young women’s perceptions of themselves. My research focus on the following three aspects: advertisement, sexualisation and effects. The research questions whether or not women are passive when it comes to media consumption. Secondly the element of choice in women’s actions when it comes to sexualisation and objectified nature in advertisement will be questioned to see if women are really empowered in doing that, thus is it an individual choice or a social effect because of male gaze. The research will also attempt to find out if men and women are equally objectified.

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