Nomalanga Dlamini


My name is Nomalanga Dlamini and I’m Swati. I am currently in the Sociology Department doing my Masters degree.  I did my bachelor of Social Sciences and Honours at Rhodes University.  My current research topic is “Understanding the contributions of the Treatment Action Campaign and Section27 to a rights-based approach to HIV and AIDS in South Africa.  I took interest in investigating the increasing impact and crisis of global pharmaceutical medicines distribution to African countries.  I am hoping to work in areas relating to social research, public health, international human rights, social services and community development.  I have come to realize that Sociology is such a dynamically diverse subject which brings to the forefront understanding of the social world from its various perspectives.  Thus it does not limit the scope of understanding any one particular social issue and that is why I am passionate about this subject.  My current research will have particular focus on the human-rights based approach so to situate and understand the South African health care system from both an global and national scope and I will be assessing the involvement of the Treatment Action Campaign and Section 27 on the provision of needed HIV and AIDS pharmaceutical medications to the public sector in South Africa.          

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