1st Term 2013


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Lecturer: Michael Drewett

Course: Introduction to Sociology

This first term course is an introduction to sociology. As such it will cover a number of crucial areas, providing you with a firm grounding in sociology, including what sociology is, how it arose and what it means to think sociologically. It will also introduce you to the ways in which sociologists explain different phenomena within society.


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2nd Term 2013

Lecturer: K Helliker

Course: Institutions & Inequalities

Welcome to the course on ‘Institutions & Inequalities’. The content of this course flows from your first course, in which you were introduced to key themes within Sociology. The overall purpose of the Institutions & Inequalities course is to assist you in understanding, from a sociological perspective, the basic building blocks of modern human (and specifically, capitalist) society.



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4th Term 2013

Lecturer: Ms Babalwa Sishuta

Course: Sociology of Deviance

Welcome to this fourth term course on the sociology of deviance. This course follows on from the section in the first term course in which we considered the relationship between the individual and society and why people conform to society’s dominant values more than others. This course offers an introduction to the key themes in the sociology of deviance. One of the goals is to shed some light on the processes involved in the social construction of deviance in contemporary society. Deviance is a recognised field of study in Sociology. It is diverse in scope and highly complex. It is growing larger on a daily basis as new forms and categories of deviance emerge in various societies. We are inundated everyday through various forms of communication, especially the mass media, about incidents of deviance. Hence, deviance is a real problem and challenge globally. It is not unique to our time and space. 

Deviance 2013

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