1st Term 2014

Lecturer: Prof Monty J. Roodt

Course: Theory & Society

Welcome to the course on social theory. Social theory, as you will remember from last year, underpins everything that we do in sociology, from the study of social processes such as the change from agrarian to industrial and post-industrial society to the impact of social structures such as class, gender and race within these processes. The pivotal issue of the extent to which we humans are socially constructed and determined by society and the degree of subjectivity and conscious creative choice we are able to exert, lies at the centre of the different theories we will study.


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2nd Term 2014

Lecturer: Ms Alexander


Course: Social Research

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4th Term 2014

Lecturer: Prof Monty Roodt

Course: Sociology of Development 

Welcome to the course on the sociology of development. For sociologists, as varied as their different theoretical and political persuasions may be, the central development issue is a humanist one. The task is to put people, especially those most vulnerable (women, children, the aged), on the centre stage and to ask questions about the socio-economic and political implications of development theories and policies for these most vulnerable of people.


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