Community Engagement

The Honours class of 2018, Dr Chinomona and Mr Baxter collaborated with the Department of Human Kinetics and Ergonomics in the GADRA Mobile Science Lab Service Learning initiative. The focus of this project was to develop a two period lesson on heart rates to assist science school teachers and grade 9 learners at local schools. The statistics students developed simple, fun and interactive activities to collect and subsequently interpret the data collected during the practical within the scope of the grade 9 mathematics curriculum.

Ms Maqubela continues to mentor students and participate in the Allan Gray mentoring program, serve as an advisor on the ENUCTUS society and on the GRADRA Education board. She presented various invited talks to students on and off campus. She continues to facilitate the community engagement and service learning student videos programme for Statistics 1D and Theory of Finance.

Dr Chinomona facilitated and actively participated in the Jan Smuts Hall Academic Mentorship programme. This program assists younger students in adapting to univeristy life and academic work. A hall RUconnected page was setup to enhance interaction.


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Department of Statistics, Student Handbook
Department of Statistics, Student Handbook