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Mr Jeremy Baxter

Mr Jeremy Baxter

Senior Lecturer
Email address: j[dot]baxter[at]ru[dot]ac[dot]za

* Studied at Rhodes University obtaining a B.Sc in Mathematical Statistics and Mathematics, B.Sc (Hons) and an M.Sc in Mathematical Statistics.
* Appointed as a Junior Lecturer in 1998, as Lecturer in 1999 and as Senior Lecturer in 2008.
* Teaches at all undergraduate level in Mathematical Statistics and postgraduate courses in Multivariate Analysis and Statistical Learning.

Statistica is utilised in the Statistics 101 and BioStatistics (PC301) courses. R (and Rstudio) is the primary computational software used and supported in the Department of Statistics at Rhodes University.  Thank you to the R community for their support of the R project. I am very grateful that the DataCamp.com team assist my students learning by providing open access to their excellent courses.

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Conference Presentations and Proceedings

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