The Department of Statistics continued pursuing a broad range of research interests and activities during 2017.

Professor Radloff's research collaborations with the Departments of Entomology (at Kind Saud University, Saudi Arabia), Management and Psychology resulted in four (4) peer-reviewed journal articles and three (3) conference presentations including a invited symposium presentation at the International Neurophysiology Society meeting held in Cape Town. Professor Raubenheimer's Bayesian accelerated life testing presentation at the International Statistical Institute Regional Statistical Conference held in Bali was very well received. Dr Chinomona's presented a poster on the development of a semi-parametic spline based predictive model for HIV at the Royal Statistical Society International Conference in Glasgow. Mr Southey won the best Masters student poster competition with his research on Bayesian hierarchical modelling in spatial epidemiology which he presented at the South African Statistical Association's annual conference held in Bloemfontein. Mr Izally continued reading towards his doctorate and attended the Bayesian biostatistics workshop hosted by Stellenbosch University.

Postgraduates  and Graduations

In March 2018 two students graduated with Masters of Science in the Department of Statistics, Mr Southey attained a distinction. Of the Five Bachelor of Science Honours in the Department of Statistics graduates, Mr Baba and Ms Franklin both attained distinctions. Two students completed their fourth year of the Bachelor of Business Science program in the department. Ms Mcewan attained a distinction in joint Bachelor of Science Honours in Human Kinetics, Ergonomics and Statistics.

Five students attained distinctions in Mathematical Statistics 3. Ms Amy Langston was the top third year student in the Faculty of Science in 2017 with distinctions in Mathematical Statistics and Mathematics.

 Distinguished Visitors / International Visits

The Department of Statistics hosted the Eastern Cape Chapter of the South African Statistical Association meeting in April 2017. Professor A. J. van der Merwe from the Department of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of the Free State presented papers on outlier detection in the one-way variance components model and on residual analysis and outliers in a two-way random effects model. The staff and postgraduate students attended Professor van der Merwe's presentation on Bayesian methods for comparing process capability indices at the Nelson Mandela University.

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Student Handbook 2019
Student Handbook 2019