Department of Statistics : Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is considered a serious offence by Rhodes University and the Department of Statistics. Plagiarism, as defined in the University's policy on plagiarism, is "taking and using the ideas, writings, works or inventions of another as if they were one's own". In Statistics the most common plagiarism infringement is the copying of tutorial assignments from another student and submitting the assignment as one's own work. The department considers this infringement and other types of plagiarism as totally unacceptable and disciplinary steps will be taken against any students found guilty of committing plagiarism in the department.

Students are required to familiarise themselves with the university policy on plagiarism, which is displayed on the departmental notice board and can be found at

Disciplinary Procedures

All cases of plagiarism are subject to disciplinary procedures which are stipulated in the University's policy on plagiarism. Depending on the severity of the offence, the offender is disciplined either by the Departmental Plagiarism Committee or the Senate Standing Committee on plagiarism.

The Departmental Plagiarism Committee consists of Professors Lizanne Raubenheimer, Sarah Radloff, Irek Szyszkowski and the lecturer responsible for the assessment in which the plagiarism occurred. If a student is found guilty of plagiarism by the Department's Plagiarism Committee the following penalties are applied:

First offenders: (Minor infringement) Verbal warning and a mark of 0% given for the assignment for all those students involved in the plagiarism.

Second offenders: DP certificate for the course will be withdrawn. The department will keep a record of students who have plagiarised. This list of students will be reported to the Senate Standing Committee on plagiarism annually.

Students will be required to sign a plagiarism declaration at the beginning of the course indicating that the assignments that they submit during the year will be their own work.

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