Mathematical Statistics 102

Students seeking an introduction to the subject of Mathematical Statistics should take this course. Training in Mathematical Statistics is essential for would-be data scientists, actuarial scientists, market research statisticians, econometricians, risk analysts, statistical analysts to name but a few. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 1 (MAM 101 and MAM 102) and Mathematical Statistics 102 are pre-requisites for Mathematical Statistics 2.

Mathematical Statistics may be taken as a major subject for BSc, BSc(InfSys), BCom, BEcon, BBusSc, BA or BSocSc degrees.

R and Rstudio are the primary computational software used and supported in the Department of Statistics at Rhodes University.  Thank you to the R community for their support of the R project. We are very grateful that the team assist our students learning by providing open access to their excellent courses.

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The aims of this course are to acquaint students with:

• Combinatorial analysis: the basic counting principles; permutations and combinations.

• Random phenomena: sample spaces and events; the probability axioms; the probability of an event; random selection; probability rules; conditional probability; law of total probability and the theorem of Bayes; stochastic independence.

• Discrete stochastic variables: expected value; variance and moment-generating function of a stochastic variable.

• Important discrete distributions: binomial; Poisson, geometric; hyper-geometric; negative binomial.

• Joint probability mass functions; Marginal probability functions; Conditional discrete probability functions; Independent random variables.


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