Mathematical Statistics 2

This course may be taken as a major subject for BSc, BSc(InfSys), BCom, BEcon, BBusSc, BA or BSocSc degrees.

Please note that a pass in Mathematics 1C, that is both 1C1 and 1C2, and Statistics 102 are required before a student may register for Mathematical Statistics 2.

Training in Mathematical Statistics is essential for would-be actuarial scientists, market research statisticians, econometricians, risk analysts, statistical analysts to name but a few. The department offers two-year major courses in Mathematical Statistics and Applied Statistics which start in the second year after credit has been obtained in Mathematics. These courses are aimed at providing both a sound foundation in statistical mathematics and competence in the practice of certain areas of statistics.

To meet these objectives the department has highly qualified teaching staff and a modern computer laboratory. This supports some of the major statistical packages, in which user instruction is given. R and Rstudio are the primary computational software used and supported in the Department of Statistics at Rhodes University.  Thank you to the R community for their support of the R project. We are very grateful that the team assist our students learning by providing open access to their excellent courses.

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Student numbers in the second and third-year courses are small and classes, tutorials and practicals are conducted in a friendly and relaxed small-group atmosphere.

Course Objectives and Content

The aim of the course is to present a solid calculus based background in statistical theory together with its applications to solving practical real world problems. This course puts special emphasis on a clear understanding of the nature of statistics and on its importance in scientific investigations. None of the first-year courses in Statistics offered at Rhodes can realise the objectives mentioned due to a lower level of presentation and/or shorter duration. Anyone who has a credit in Mathematics 1C and Statistics 102 can benefit from this inspiring and useful course.

Most MST 2 students choose to major in Mathematical Statistics and later take third-year level courses (MST 3 or AST 3).

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