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Statistics for Science (STA 1S1) and Pharmacy (STA 1P1)

Statistics for Pharmacy (STA 1P1) is a pre-requisite course for third-year students taking a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree.

Some Departments within the Faculty of Science recommend or alternatively prescribe that their students attend at least one first year introductory statistics course. Students doing a BSc in the life sciences will find Statistics for Science (STA 1S1) very useful. Prospective social and biological scientists are well-advised to include at least one course in Statistics in their curriculum. The Statistics Department advises that non-commerce faculty students wanting an introductory statistics course should consider doing Statistics 1S1. 

The course aims to provide the student with an understanding of the rationale and methodology which underpins the use of modern statistical techniques. These techniques are developed to empower the student to describe,  summarise and analyse data thus allowing the development of a statistically sound problem solving technique. This approach emphasises the problem solving and inferential nature of statistical analysis, while also covering the basic theory of Statistics. The reasoning and philosophy that make Statistics an exciting and effective problem-solving skill is covered in sufficient depth to provide the understanding required for good analysis and interpretation.

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