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Fee Increment 2017

Dear Student Body:

In light of the announcement made by Minister Blade Nzimande, on the fee increment for 2017, the SRC would like to respond to issues regarding this matter.

During the past week, the SRC has engaged with students in residences and Oppidans regarding discussions around the fee increment and proposed a potential 3 tiered system of payment. The announcement by the Minister captured parts of our proposal. However, during the residence visits many students raised concerns regarding the 3 tiered system especially around the means test. Furthermore the SRC, is unclear on how Dr. Nzimande proposed system would work internally and what the fee increase would be for Rhodes University in the event that there is one.

The SRC has been mandated by students and will meet with management for clarity regarding the universities plans for next year regarding fee increments. Furthermore we will engage with NEHAWU and NTEU to ensure that any decisions made regarding fee increments will not negatively affect workers.

The SRC has compiled a report of the concerns and ideas raised by students regarding #FeesMustFall. This report will be presented to management and used as the basis of our negotiations. We also call on management to present a proposed budget for 2017 notifying all Rhodes University students of the fees for 2017 as soon as possible. 

During the residence visits the student body made it clear that a shutdown must be the last resort. Therefore the SRC will only resort to protest action if the negotiations with management are unfruitful.

We as the SRC, are in support of free education for the poor. We call upon the DHET and the presidential commission to not focus on the feasibility of free education for the poor because research has already been done on this matter. Rather, they must make a firm commitment to begin the implementation of the Ramaphosa Report of 2012, which details how free education for the poor can be achieved. We cannot keep on having a moratorium on fees, we need a model that will be sustainable in achieving free education for the poor now!

We also call upon the National Treasury, to increase the percentage of the budget allocated to Higher Education.

#AccessMustRise #FeesMustFall #FreeEducationForThePoor

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