Conversations about Teaching, Assessment and Learning

The CATALyst course is designed to support the enhancement of teaching, assessment and learning in higher education. The course encourages academic staff to critically examine the broader context of higher education and to find ways to respond to the calls for transformation and decolonisation that contribute to academic success for the majority of students. 

The course is designed to provide a deliberative space in which academic practice and experience are drawn on as key resources in the development of more effective teaching and learning practices across the disciplines. Although there is engagement with a range of teaching practices, the course focuses particularly on encouraging a principled approach to assessment. Assessment is deliberated as a process, not only of learning but also for learning. Assessment is worked with as a fundamental and integral aspect of teaching and learning towards transformation. 

CATALyst has been developed in response to the understanding of the central role of assessment for student learning in higher education and the need for greater support for academics in teaching and learning. With this in mind, all new members of the Rhodes permanent academic staff are required to show evidence of having met a set of outcomes related to the assessment of student learning during their period of probation. The CATALyst course is designed to support lecturers in meeting these requirements, as well as those of the Rhodes Policy on the Assessment of Student Learning.

The CATALYst course is currently offered over 5 weeks using RUconnected and regular ZOOM meetings. ]

The course is accredited as a module (Assessment of and for student learning) of the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education for academics offered by CHERTL.



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