MEd Programme

The MEd offered by CHERTL is aimed at engaging students in the scholarship of Higher Education. It is designed as a deliberative space in which personal experience in Higher Education offers a platform for research around relevant issues in order to develop greater insight and understanding and inform practice.



The MEd is located on the Higher Qualifications Framework at Level 9 and is made up of 360 credits.


In order to apply, the following requirements need to be met:

  • Honours level degree (HEQSF Level 8) of an acceptably high standard
  • relevant experience in Higher Education
  • proficiency in both oral and written formal English



Please submit the following documentation to Dr Nicola Pallitt (


  • Brief CV - including experience in higher education, research, publications and presentations.
  • Concept note (max 5 pages) - including references, in which you motivate for your application, indicating:
    • why you want to do a Masters degree focusing on Higher Education
    • what your research interest is and an outline of our proposes study/topic (we recognise that this may change)
    • how you believe your research could contribute to the scholarship of HE.


Once we have received this documentation and if we can accommodate you, we will direct you to the Rhodes University application form.


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