Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education

(For Rhodes University lectures)

The purpose of the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education is to facilitate the professional development of lecturers at Rhodes University as reflexive practitioners in higher education by developing their knowledge of Higher Education (HE) as a field of study. The programme is designed to assist lecturers to enhance their ability to facilitate, enhance and assess students' learning, and provide professional accreditation for HE practitioners. CHERTL has been offering this qualification to Rhodes lecturers since 2000.

Shifts in higher education around massification, globalisation and the discourse of 'high skills' have brought a changed workplace for academics in which we have to negotiate new expectations, identities and challenges.  Whilst these changes are international, they have particular nuances and urgency in the South African context where historical disadvantage, social justice, decolonisation and transformation are challenges to be addressed. This course aims to contribute towards lecturers' ability to respond to these challenges and to meet the real learning needs of their students.

The programme runs over two years and takes the form of four core modules and one elective module. Participants meet face-to-face once a week and interact on various e-platforms during the University teaching terms .

For more information please contact the Rhodes University PGDip (HE) coordinator, Kelly Solomon (  


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