Tutor Development

Tutors/ demonstrators are often senior students with little or no teaching experience. When tutors/ demonstrators are appropriately trained, tutorials and practicals offer ideal opportunities for students to develop a deeper understanding of academic disciplines. They also offer an environment for the development of higher order learning while students can take a more active role in their own learning.

An initial orientation to small group teaching or demonstrating will give tutors /demonstrators a headstart in developing the required facilitation skills, while well-conceptualised on-going tutor/demonstrator development programmes will encourage tutors and demonstrators to hone their task and group management skills, questioning skills and interpersonal skills.

CHERTL staff have extensive experience in the area of tutor development. Discussion seminars are held on an ad hoc basis with those lecturers who co-ordinate tutor development across campus. For more information or for assistance with devising a development programme for your tutors / demonstrators, contact CHERTL at chertl-admin@ru.ac.za.

Rhodes tutors/ demonstrators can find related resources in CHERTL’s RUconnected pages.

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