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Associate Professor Jo-Anne Vorster

Associate Professor /Head of department - CHERTL


I am the head of the department of CHERTL. I have been working in the field of Academic Development since 1992 and have been centrally involved in the development and facilitation of the PGDip (HE) for lecturers as well as a version of the PGDip (HE) for academic developers. The first cohort of graduates from the PGDip (HE) for academic developers graduated in 2013.

As is the case with all CHERTL staff, I work in the areas of curriculum and teaching development, assessment of student learning and teaching and course evaluation. My Ph.D. study, completed in 2009, was a social-realist analysis of collaborative curriculum development processes in an academic department. My current research interests include the nexus between academics’ understanding of knowledge, disciplinary knowledge structures and academic identity; academic staff development, inducting the next generation of academic developers and the legitimation of academic developers and teaching and learning centers. I supervise postgraduate students at masters and Ph.D levels. Current Ph.D. scholars are exploring disciplinary knowledge structures and student learning, curricula, and pedagogies for professional programmes, academic identities, academic staff development and quality in higher education.

For information about my publications see  ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-5257-6832  

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