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Associate Professor Karen Ellery

Karen Ellery staff photo

Student Academic Development Coordinator



My original interest was in the sciences, in which I studied to a Masters level in vegetation and plant ecology at the University of Witwatersrand. However, teaching in a Science ‘Foundation’ Programme initiated my now deep interest in higher education. I obtained a PhD in Science Education at Rhodes University, and have taught in Science Extended Curriculum programmes for most of my career. My research focuses on how curriculum and pedagogic practices can enable student access to powerful knowledge, as well as ensuring students become appropriate knowers for a particular context.

I recently switched lanes and became the Student Academic Development Coordinator across all Faculties at Rhodes University. This entails working with staff to consider ways we can better support students in their studies through incorporating academic and learning literacies into mainstream curricula.

Latest and relevant publications

Ellery, K. (2023) Becoming active and independent science learners: Using autonomy pathways to provide structured support. In: Eds M.A.L. Blackie, H. Adendorff and M. Mouton, Advancing Science Education: Exploring Knowledge Practices with Legitimation Code Theory. Routledge.

Ellery, K. (2021) Widening access in science: developing both knowledge and knowers, Chapter 8. In: Eds K. Maton and Y. Doran, Studying science: Knowledge, language and pedagogy. Routledge.



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