Renée Marx

Renée Marx


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Renée has been working in academic development with a focus on technology enhanced learning since 1998. She created the first open online course at the Cape Technikon and was involved in the establishment of e-learning at the merged Cape Peninsula University of Technology. In 2008 Renée joined the University of Fort Hare as a Manager in the Teaching and Learning Centre to lead the introduction of Technology Enhanced Learning across all three campuses of the institution, with a view to fostering innovative pedagogies. She has supported academics and students in the integration of technology into their teaching and learning through designing and delivering a variety of capacity development initiatives, and she has taught the eLearning modules of various incarnations of the PDGHE since 2004. In 2013 Renée was a member of the UFH PGDHET facilitation team that received a commendation from the HELTASA/CHE National Teaching Excellence Awards. Renée joined the Educational Technology Team of CHERTL in 2016 with a mandate to open up existing conceptions of and practices in digital teaching and learning. She holds a BA in Psychology and Archaeology, a PGD and Honours in International Studies and an MPhil cum laude in Hypermedia for Learning. She is currently reading for a PhD in Psychology with a focus on technology mediated student help-seeking in higher education.

Perhaps unexpectedly for someone in this field, Renée's interests lie not with technology itself, but rather with people. She is fascinated by how people think, interact and learn, and how the use of technologies influences these complex processes.


Conference Papers

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Commissioned Research Reports

2007 Perceptions of WCED officials and experts regarding the viability of the FET OBE multimedia kit as a training tool.

2007 Investigation into the implementation of the WCED FET OBE multimedia kit at FET schools in the Western Cape.

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