The Commerce Extended Studies Programme is designed towards creating a unique for students as they grow as disciplinary knowers in the Commerce Faculty at Rhodes University. The knowledge which students gain and produce are in the academic fields of Accounting, Theory of Finance, Computer Science, Management and Economics.

Students enrolled in the Commerce Extended Studies Programme have special relationships with their lecturers, who are aware, that life beyond and on campus affects their success in academia. For this reason, the lecturers learn to know students on a first-name basis in smaller, intimate lecture settings. The programme also hosts a mentoring programme whereby senior peers assist in day-to-day adjustment for new, Rhodes students.

 Students who are accepted into the Commerce Extended Studies Programme, a maximum of fifty per year, extend their official year as BCom students into two years. When they graduate, they receive a regular BCom degree as all other enrolees of the Commerce Faculty at Rhodes University.

Entrance Requirements
Course structure

The first year looks curriculum looks like this

Year 1:

Introduction to Computers

Accounting 1F

Theory of Finance

Management (mainstream)

Management (Extended Studies)

Year 2:

 Computer Science 112 (Extended Studies)

 Commercial Law

 Accounting 1F

 Statistics 1D

 Economics (mainstream)

Economics (Extended Studies for first semester only)


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