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The Humanities Extended Studies course aims to help empower students to cope with the demands of university study. In addition to helping students develop good academic language skills through academic reading and writing, the course aims to develop academic vocabulary, speaking skills, computer literacy, reasearch skills and the ability to cope with humanities subjects in general.

This Extended Studies course is a one year credit bearing course which serves as an introduction to academic life at university as part of a four year B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) or B.SocSc (Bachelor of Social Science) degree or a five year B.Journ (Bachelor of Journalism) degree. Students wishing to study law can start a B.A. majoring in Legal Theory and then go to do an LLB (Bachelor of Laws).

Extended studies students take 4 credits in the first year. Two credits are from the mainstream subjects and these credits are Rhodes degree credits. Students are also required to take two extra support credits. One credit is for the Extended Studies courses for their humanities subjects (e.g. Politics Extended Studies and Sociology Extended Studies) and the other credit is a combination of General Skills, Computer literacy and Information literacy.

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