Insights and discussions on being an academic at Rhodes

Dr Mandy Hlengwa, a lecturer at CHERTL
Dr Mandy Hlengwa, a lecturer at CHERTL

The Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL) at Rhodes University is hosting the initial phase of the 2018 Academic Orientation programme from Monday, 22 to 26 January & 30 January to 01 February.

While this programme is aimed at academics new to Rhodes, the content is of relevance and potential interest to all academics.  The orientation programme takes place in two parts: The first part (Jan 22 – 26), Being an academic at Rhodes University takes place in Barrat 3 and is intended to convey a sense of what it is to be an academic at Rhodes.

“It offers a space for deliberation around the roles, relationships and responsibilities that that involves. The programme will be made up of a series of presentations and spaces for the sharing and discussion of insights and understandings around academic life,” said Professor Lynn Quinn, co-ordinator for CHERTL.

The second part of the programme (30 Jan – 1 Feb 1) is Teaching with technology, and takes place in the Xstrata Library Training Lab and offers a series of workshops around specific educational technology applications that are used to support teaching, learning and research.

Everyone is invited.

The programme can be downloaded on this link: