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Ruth First Facilities

• Built-in cupboard
• Wall-to-wall carpeting
• Basin & mirror
• Wall-mounted heater
• Large notice board
• 1 bed (base, mattress & 2 pillows)
• 1 desk
• 1 chair
• 1 bookcase
• 1 bedside lamp
• 1 bedside cabinet
• 1 waste paper basket
• Curtains (2 drops) – beige & brown
• Net curtains - white
• Duvet
• Duvet cover - beige & brown
• Flat sheet - white
• 2 pillow cases - one white & one beige and brown
• 1 winter blanket 
• Furniture can be moved around to create a space comfortable to live in.
• Many girls like to bring their own duvet cover and pillow cases.
• As no prestik may be affixed to the walls pictures may be put
up on the notice board and cupboard doors, but not to the
Continental pillows, small throw-rugs and bean bags also add a touch of individuality.
• As Ruth First House is wired for ResNet a computer is an asset. At a cost of approximately R400 per year you can
access the internet, check your email and surf ResNet, which links all Rhodes residences.
• An extension cord is an asset as it allows you to move your room around without being limited by plug points.
• A small portable sound system is also a good idea, but bear in mind that there are silence hours so you won’t be allowed to blast music at all hours.
• Feb/March are the hottest months of the year in Grahamstown with temperatures often reaching 35+ degrees so sun block, flip-flops or sandals and a hat or cap are essentials.
• A raincoat or all-weather jacket is a must as we are famous for having four seasons in a day and our winters can be very wet indeed.
A swimming costume comes in very handy on hot days and the Rhodes pool is available to all students during the day.
Each corridor has its own bathroom with basins, showers and toilets, but no baths.
We have 2 kitchenettes, each equipped with a fridge for saving perishable goods. The lower kitchenette has a microwave for reheating mid-night snacks and the top kitchenette has a kettle. Both have a sink for washing-up.
Common Rooms
We have two common rooms (lounge areas), both equipped with TVs, lounge chairs and a couple of coffee tables.
The lower common room houses the video machine, M-Net and DStv decoders and vending machine.
The top common room has a rather nice balcony, well used by smokers as it is the only area of the residence where smoking is permitted.

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