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Fire Drills

Managers or heads of department (or their designees) are responsible for ensuring that fire drills are held for all occupants in their department/division/section.

Fire drills help save lives - they prepare occupants for real emergencies.

  • Fire drills must be held at least once a year - quarterly in the case of residences - to ensure that all occupants are familiar with the emergency evacuation plan and can evacuate safely and quickly.

    ** Emergency Evacuation Plan of Action GENERIC- adapt this plan for your building **

    WARDENS: please refer to Wardens Manual.

  • Evacuation time should be under 3 minutes - find out Why.

  • Fire drills should be held in consultation with Campus Protection MANAGER (Mr Templeton Robiyana) - 046 603 8146/7 or t.robiyana(at)ru.ac.za

  • Automatic & break glass alarms: contact Engineering section for technical assistance to set off for drill: RU ext 8238 / 8236 / 7451; or speed dial 5231 (Martin) / 5031 (Peter)

  • Report details of fire drills (a. drill date & time of day, b. how long it took to evacuate building, c. observations & comments) in quarterly Health and Safety inspection reports - see Checklists.

  • HODs/Managers must ensure that their department/division/section has an emergency evacuation PLAN of ACTION that is specific to the building, to ensure safe and quick evacuation (in 3 minutes or less). All occupants should be familiar with the plan. 

  • Please report on your fire drill in the space provided in your quarterly report (download CHECKLIST here):


FIRE DRILLS: Please provide details of recent fire drill - include: a. date & time; b. evacuation time; c. numbers (e.g. present /total); d. comments & corrective action.




A building can be engulfed in flames in as little as 3 minutes. Examples of why fire safety should be taken seriously:




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