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Links and Health and Safety Resources

Managers, HODs, employees and the wider University community are encouraged to use the resources below to find out more about health and safety, and save the info in your Health and Safety File. Follow the links - listed in alphabetical order.

  • A to Z - provides links to a diverse range, from A to Z, of Safety, Health and Environmental resources

  • Appointment (Designation) Formslegal Health and Safety Appointment forms for designated H&S Representatives, First Aiders, Fire Marshals, and other related appointments

  • Checklists: health and safety inspection checklists for all work areas

  • Ergonomic: ergonomic hazards and solutions

  • Hazmat: responsible hazardous waste disposal

  • Health and Safety File: downloadable safety documents that should be in every RU departmental and section safety file
  • Lab Safety: guidance on laboratory safety protocols and manuals

  • Ladders: guidance on safe use of ladders

  • Legislation: links to Occupational Health & Safety Act and other legal documents

  • MaterialsRU Health and Safety Guide series, templates and working examples

  • Major Eventsguidelines and documentation for organising large events and legal compliance for Safety at Sports & Recreational Events

  • Meeting dates: dates of meetings for Health and Safety Committee and Sub-committees

  • Personal Protective Equipment: guidance on use of PPE

  • Practices: supporting safe working procedures at RU

  • Protocol: RU Health and Safety Guide

  • Risk Assessment: guidance on conducting risk assessments

  • Safety Signage: guidance on SABS approved signage

  • Smoking: guidelines on smoking protocol in the workplace

  • Traininghealth & safety courses available at RU

  • Travel and Field Trip safety: RU Research Office safety guidelines for off-campus research and activities

  • Videos DVDs: a selection of training videos / DVDs

  • WHO does repairs/maintenance Services: find out who to contact for repairs, maintenance and other services at RU. Alternatively contact Infrastructure and Operations Division Deputy Director, Facilities Services - Mr Dawie van Dyk, RU ext 7519, d.vandyk(at)ru.ac.za

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