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Electrical Appliances and Equipment

Electrical Appliances and Equipment should be checked on a regular basis to ensure that they do not pose a safety hazard.

ELECTRICAL Appliances Checklist‌ (the aim is to make this checklist as user-friendly as possible. Please send feedback to safety(at)ru.ac.za, thank you)

Factors to consider:

  • No obvious signs of damage to the equipment casing, cable or plug.

  • No signs of overheating on casing, cable or plug.

  • Equipment positioned to avoid strain on cables.

  • Positioned to avoid contact with dampness or water.

  • Cable will not create tripping hazards.

  • Cable placed so it cannot be damaged (e.g. not trapped by furniture or door).

  • No overloading of extension leads or multi-plugs.

  • Equipment ventilation points not obstructed.

  • Take note of where the nearest fire extinguisher (CO2 or dry powder) is located.

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