Degree programmes offered

Biotechnology Honours

This course is offered as a professional qualification for students interested in careers in the biotechnology sector. Biotechnology is a multi-disciplinary field of study at the intersection of the biological, chemical and physical sciences. Candidates normally have either Microbiology or Biochemistry as one of their major BSc subjects. The course consists of lectures, seminars and essays covering a series of topics in Biotechnology such as alternative energy, wastewater treatment, biosensor technology, stem cells, recombinant technology and protein engineering, industrial bioprocess design and strategy and advanced topics in environmental biotechnology and management. The course also includes enrichment modules and seminars in bio-entrepreneurship, intellectual property management, biotechnology communication and current trend analysis.  The coursework is followed by a research project of original investigation conducted in one of the research laboratories of the supervisor. All seminars, essays, practical reports and examinations will contribute to the final mark.

Biotechnology Masters and PhD

Degrees in Biotechnology at the Masters and Doctoral level are offered by research to suitably qualified graduates. MSc and PhD students conduct research under the supervision of one of the staff or in collaboration with affiliates in other departments at Rhodes as well as affiliates in the public and private research and industrial sector.  Academic programmes including research seminars, conference presentations and advisory committees (constituted for doctoral candidates) further support research activities.  All postgraduates are offered voluntary short courses to enrich their learning and enhance their preparedness for the job market in areas including business plan development and biotechnology communication and public engagement.  Finally, the Biotechnology Innovation Centre provides an Innovation space for graduates interested in the future technology transfer and commercialization of their postgraduate research.

Applying for study

For all general application information and application forms for postgraduate students (Honours, Masters and PhD) please visit:


Masters and PhD applicants are encouraged to first contact prospective supervisors in the field of interest directly to secure a position within a specific research group before submitting application forms. Staff research areas and contact details can be found on the individual staff pages at this site to whom you may address general queries.

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