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Prof Janice Limson

Director, Biotechnology Innovation Centre (RUBIC)

SA Research Chair in Biotechnology Innovation & Engagement

Associate Editor, IEEE Sensors

Research Interests

Biosensors, Biofuel cells and Nanobiotechnology

Brief biography

2015 - SARChI Chair in Biotechnology Innovation & Engagement

2014 - Professor of Biotechnology, Director, Rhodes University Biotechnology Innovation Centre (RUBIC) and HOD

2011 - present: Chairperson, Rhodes University School of Biotechnology

2010 - 2013: Associate Professor, Biotechnology, Rhodes University

2003 – 2009: Senior Lecturer Biotechnology, Rhodes University

2000 - present: Founder and editor-in-chief, Science in Africa online magazine

1999 - 2002: Postdoctoral research fellow, Neuroscience research group, Faculty of Pharmacy, Rhodes University, South Africa.

1998: Postdoctoral research fellow, Cellular and structural biology research group, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA.


Our research group is currently engaged in three core research areas:
Biosensors, Biofuel Cells, Nanobiotechnology

The main goals then for our research group are to:
a) develop specific and sensitive sensing technology for:

  • early disease detection by monitoring markers of disease in human blood
  • pathogen detection for example in food and crops
  • monitoring the fate of drugs and toxins in the human body
  • bioprocesss and environmental monitoring eg phenolics

b) design fuel cell technology

  • as a source of “green” alternative energy
  • for remediation of wastewater coupled to power generation in microbial fuels

c) harness the power of nanotechnology in:

  • enhancing sensitivity of detection systems
  • increased output in fuel cells
  • understanding interactions of nanostructured materials with the human body


Contact information:

Tel: +27-46-603-8263

Fax: +27-46-603-7576

Email: J.Limson@ru.ac.za

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