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Dr Dusty Gardiner

Research Associate, Biotechnology Innovation Centre


Current position: Manager, Biomanufacturing Industry Development Centre (BIDC)

Name of company or Institution ; CSIR

Email:  (only if you wish to add this!) dgardiner@csir.co.za

The BIDC translates research into market ready technologies and products.  Our bioprocessing and product development expertise, coupled with excellent infrastructure, provides a unique value proposition within the South African bio-economy. We partner with research and academic institutions and work closely with industry, including SMMEs and start-ups.


PhD,  1989 - Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa

BSc(hons) – Rhodes University, Grahamston, South Africa


Researcher,  Research Group Leader      AECI R&D Department   1990 - 1996

  1. Chief Scientist            SA Bioproducts  1997 - 1998
  2. CSIR Biosciences        Programme Manager 1999 –
  3. CSIR Biosciences        Manager, Biomanufacturing Industry Development Centre, 2013 –

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