Biotechnology Innovation & Technology Transfer

The Rhodes University Biotechnology Innovation Centre provides an enabling space to narrow the gap between applied research in Higher Education Institutions and technology transfer.

Bridging the gap between research and technology transfer

Biotechnology is widely viewed as a key driver in science with the prospect to turn fundamental research into real, tangible products and processes, with benefits to health, energy, water, agriculture and the environmental sectors. Essentially, this means innovation and entrepreneurship in science with social and economic benefits.

Rhodes University is home to the oldest Biotechnology postgraduate programmes in the country, conducting research in areas of wastewater treatment (both domestic and industrial), bioremediation, biofuels, and in areas of diagnostics, biosensors, drug design, stem cells, drug delivery and disease therapeutics.

The Biotechnology Innovation Centre provides an Innnovation Space for academics/postgraduate students within the Biosciences to further their research ideas and to conduct necessary validation studies  (proof of concept) towards pre-market readiness after they graduate.

With the support of a technology transfer manager, the freedom to use the physical and infrastructural resources of the institution and access to accredited services for proof-of-concept validation, the Innovation Space provides an enabling home to bridge the gap between Higher Education Institution’s research and industry.

Within the Biotechnology Innovation Centre, postgraduate students from Honours to PhD are offered training programmes in entrepreneurship. Supported by a multinational network of advisors, the Centre aims to support the creation of partnerships for the incubation and licensing of future technology developments.

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