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Biotechnology Honours

This course is offered as a professional qualification for students interested in careers in the biotechnology sector. Biotechnology is a multi-disciplinary field of study at the intersection of the biological, chemical and physical sciences. Candidates normally have either Microbiology or Biochemistry as one of their major BSc subjects. The course consists of lectures, seminars and essays covering a series of topics in Biotechnology such as alternative energy, wastewater treatment, biosensor technology, stem cells, recombinant technology and protein engineering, industrial bioprocess design and strategy and advanced topics in environmental biotechnology and management. The course also includes enrichment modules and seminars in bio-entrepreneurship, intellectual property management, biotechnology communication and current trend analysis.  The coursework is followed by a research project of original investigation conducted in one of the research laboratories of the supervisor. All seminars, essays, practical reports and examinations will contribute to the final mark.

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