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Equipment Booking Schedule

The following online calenders show block bookings for the:

  • BioRad ProteOn XPR36 Interaction Array System
  • Roche xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analyser SP System
  • Zeiss AxioVert.A1 FL-LED Inverted Microscope

Booking Procedure (NOTE: Equipment booking assumes that users have read and agree to the Equipment Usage Guidelines (Below) and conditions therein)

    • Consult the calender for an available space.
    • Complete the Online Booking Form.






  1. Users must schedule visits and use of equipment in advance. The scheduling of sessions are subject to availability and will be allocated on a fair use basis. Authorisation can be obtained from Dr Earl Prinsloo.
  2. All first time users should sign a copy of this agreement along with their research supervisor, agreeing to the terms as set out.
  3. First time users must contact Dr Earl Prinsloo (e.prinsloo@ru.ac.za) for training in the use of equipment. This requirement may be waived if the user demonstrates adequate knowledge concerning equipment usage.
  4. Users agree to pay equipment usage fees as set  Fees are designed to recover routine maintenance costs and to preserve the integrity of the instruments. Users will be charged additional fees for ANY damages or losses resulting from any unauthorized or inappropriate use of the equipment, supplies, or support systems.
  5. Users will not incur any charges for failed experiments where such failures stem from malfunction of the equipment. However, users should expect to pay normal service charges where it was determined that the equipment in question was in working order before and after an experiment and therefore was not the source of an experiment’s failure.
  6. No user is allowed to make changes or other alterations to equipment without prior approval and/or supervision from Dr Prinsloo.
  7. Users who need to cancel a scheduled appointment should notify Dr Earl Prinsloo as soon as possible. NB! In the case of the BioRad ProteOn XPR36 Interaction Array System and Roche xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analyser SP please cancel a minimum of 72 hours in advance. Repeated failures to meet scheduled appointments may result in the loss of privileges to access the equipment.
  8. Work areas should be cleaned and unwanted materials should be removed upon completion of the experiment.
  9. Users are to immediately notify Dr Earl Prinsloo of any equipment failures, malfunctions or other unusual equipment activity.
  10. Users of the BioRad ProteOn XPR36 Interaction Array System are to provide their own sensor chips, buffers (immobilisation, running and regeneration), disposable plastic consumables.
  11. Users of the Zeiss AxioVert.A1 FL-LED inverted microscope are to ensure that all LED lamps are switched off when not in use. NOTE: Please remove your images once collected - Data to be removed on a bi-weekly basis.
  12. Users of the Roche xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analyser SP are to ensure that only new, sterile, approved E-Plate 96 and E-Plate VIEW 96 sensor plates are used. Limited stocks of E-Plate 96 and E-Plate VIEW 96 sensor plates are available but should be replaced following use of the equipment.
  13. Users are to supply blank CD/DVD to retrieve data. No unauthorised USB flash or external HDD devices permitted.
  14. All hard copy log books should be dated and signed following use of equipment



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