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Safety is as simple as A B C – Always Be Careful – Don't learn safety by accident! 

At Rhodes University, the Safety, Health and Environmental Officer - SHE Officer - reports to the Legal and Risk Services Manager, who reports to the Registrar.

The SHE Office is located in the Registrar's Division: Eden Grove building, Lucas Avenue. Email: b.nomji@ru.ac.za or safety@ru.ac.za and RU extension: 8278. 

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Other Sections relating to Safety, Health and Environment

  • Wellness

RU aims to provide an environment that supports staff Wellness and quality of work life. This includes a staff HIV/AIDS Peer Educators Programme that addresses related concerns in the workplace. More info: Institutional Wellness Specialist, 046 603 7075 or t.mzizi(at)ru.ac.za - Human Resources Division.

  • Environmental Responsibility 

Rhodes University is committed to playing a leading role in the Eastern Cape and South Africa with respect to social and ecological justice, and promote practices that support a safe, healthy and sustainable environment to support all who live in it. More info: Environmental Sustainability.

  • Legal and Risk Services 

The aim is to provide legal services on all aspects of law - including risk management, property transactions, contracts, sponsorships, income tax, insurance, compliance, investigations, policies and procedures. The Legal and Risk Services Manager serves as student prosecutor, investigating and assessing contraventions of the student disciplinary code and representing the university in student disciplinary matters. More info: Legal and Risk Services Manager

  • Security (Campus Protection)

The Campus Protection Unit (CPU) is responsible for providing on-campus security services, including the security Blue Route, monitoring Fire drills, and guidance on personal Safety and Security. More info: CPU MANAGER (Mr Joel Mabotja), RU ext 8798, or 8146/7 or j.mabotja@ru.ac.za - part of Infrastructure and Operations Division (see Services).

  • Services (Maintenance) on Campus

WHO provides WHAT Services: Guidance on who to contact for repairs, maintenance and other services at RU. More info: Deputy Director, Facilities  - RU ext 7519, d.vandyk(at)ru.ac.za - Infrastructure and Operations Division - Facilities .


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