Allan Gray was built in 1992.

 RD Allan Gray opening

Our Home

Allan Gray House accommodates 84 female students.

Allan Gray House is close to the heart of campus, and is also very close to the town, and is situated on the lower end of Prince Alfred Street between the Philosophy and Political & International Studies Departments, and across the road from Graham House.

Allan Gray House is overseen by a Warden who resides in the residence, and three Sub-Wardens, who are Rhodes students and live in the residence.  They are available to attend to any concerns of residents on a regular basis.  A House Committee is also elected for each year.

All rooms in Allan Gray House are single rooms.

Meals are provided in the Drostdy Dining Hall, just across the road from Allan Gray House.


  • There are four bathrooms, one on each corridor, each consisting:  3 to 4 showers, 3 to 5 toilets, 3 to 5 basins. (There is also a small bathroom in the basement with a bath, toilet & basin)
  • Each room has:  a basin with cold water tap (except for just two rooms that do not have a basin), wardrobe, bookcase, desk & chair, lamp, bed & mattress, bedside table, noticeboard, wall heater, waste paper bin, towel rail, mirror, & curtains.
  • Linen is provided by Housekeeping: a sheet, a duvet and duvet cover, a blanket, two pillows and two pillowcases & mattress cover. There is a linen change once a week, on a Tuesday from 13h00 to 14h00.  Students can bring their own linen but they are then responsible for the laundering.
  • A common room.
  • A kitchenette with a microwave & kettle.  (There are also two fridges in the common room, and one fridge in the north wing)
  • A laundry room facility: 3 washing machines & 3 tumble driers, and an enclosed drying area.
  • Students can connect to ResNet/WiFi (internet access) in their room, and get support from a fellow res student, the Networking House Rep, in this regard.  Printing facilities are also available in the Residence (one communal printer in common room) and it is charged on each student’s printing balance found online on the Rhodes University Student Support System (ROSS).  There are also two communal computers, one in the common room. and one in the basement common room/box room.