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In Drostdy Hall old and new are blended together to give a rich melange of culture and history. The Hall comprises four houses and a dining hall, all built at different stages of the University’s life and reflecting different architectures. Drostdy Hall was also one of the most progressive halls in that it was the first hall to cater for mixed gender social gatherings. Graham (undergraduate men’s residence) and Prince Alfred (undergraduate women’s residence) are among the older group of residences, each with its own rich history. Graham House was built in the 1940s and opened for students on 24 April 1941. Allan Gray (undergraduate women’s residence) was built in 1992, while Celeste (mixed gender post graduate residence) was built in the 1960’s but only joined the Hall in 2007. The diversity of architecture and age reflect the diversity of the inhabitants, with 223 students from 17 to 57 years of age from 18 different countries all eating under one roof in the dining hall.



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