Hall Values

As a hall, we believe that values are an integral part of being able to live as a student and being able to live in a residence system. We believe that values play a role in determining principles and standards of behaviour and one’s judgement of what is important in life. As Drostdy Hall, we stand firmly in the values of:


These values reflect our appreciation of diversity and our commitment to a rich communal life within the academic context of the University. Our involvement in the Grahamstown community grows every year with service taking on a higher profile. Community also includes our commitment to family – both family at home and the “family” that we become for each other through the joys and challenges of University life. The students in the hall belong to greater communities beyond the walls of the hall, including spiritual communities of several different faiths. We value each individual’s contribution and respect one another’s culture and beliefs. Our leadership development strategies are being strengthened, along with recognition for individual achievements outside of the academic arena. Our vision is to be a home where each individual feels valued and respected, and is able to excel in their chosen field of study, while growing as a complete person.


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