SAJEE Honoured to present in Zambia, EEASA 2018

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SAJEE Workshop, participants accessing the SAJEE online site on their devices
SAJEE Workshop, participants accessing the SAJEE online site on their devices

A fruitful publications workshop was held focussing on the Southern African Journal of Environmental Education (SAJEE) at the EEASA2018 Conference in Zambia over the week of 17 to 20 September 2018.  The workshop was facilitated by Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Abdul, along with one of the Deputy Editors, Dr Mucha Togo and the Journal Manager, Carlene Royle. The focus of the workshop was three fold, being i) a holistic overview of SAJEE as an accredited journal, with the development and coaching support provided highlighted; ii) the online process for open-access to all of the archived SAJEE volumes 1-34 dating back from 1984 to present day, the author submissions and the review process; and iii) valuable inputs on the features of a good research paper, view point and think piece. The full presentation is available here.

Participants were varied from aspiring authors to experts in the field, and included another journal editor who provided some additional insights. The workshop was well received although there unfortunately was a drop in wifi connectivity during the online demonstration section of the presentation. The questions put forward were valuable and thought provoking for the SAJEE team.

An added benefit of the workshop are the participants who volunteered themselves as reviewers for future SAJEE editions. We look forward to continuing our contributions of furthering the environmental education field through the SAJEE journal.

Should you wish to receive the helpful author submission guide or apply to review for the SAJEE please feel free to contact the Journal Manager, Carlene Royle on