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A ‘backwards’ sound change in Setswana

Rhodes linguist Will Bennett has discovered a sound change in some varieties of Setswana that seems to go against a trend found in languages around the world: in Setswana, the sound ‘s’ changes to ‘sh’ before back vowels like ‘o’. He described this change in a Departmental Research Seminar on Tuesday 25 October 2016.

Two winners for 2016 Vivian de Klerk Prize

Emmalene Barron-Le Roux and Adam Randera were presented with the Vivian de Klerk Prize in class on Tuesday 20 September 2016. This prize goes each year to the student with the highest marks for English Language and Linguistics 2 who carries on to do English Language and Linguistics 3 at Rhodes University. This year, the prize was shared.

UJ linguist disentangles tense and time in African languages

Professor Lionel Posthumus from the Department of African Languages at the University of Johannesburg visited RU’s Department of English Language and Linguistics on 27-28 September, and gave an excellent Departmental Research Seminar on deixis, tense and time reference in African languages, using examples from isiZulu.

Events and their shadows: an exploration of isiXhosa tense and aspect

Events cast ‘shadows’ over the period in which their effects can be noticed, and these ‘shadows’ seem to be built into the tense and aspect system of isiXhosa. That is what Prof. Ron Simango, the head of the Department of English Language and Linguistics at Rhodes University, argued in a Departmental Research Seminar on Tuesday 23 August.