18 March 2009 - Community Engagement Day in the Library Quod

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As part of the Rhodes University SRC Community Engagement Awareness Week, the Psychology Department made use of the opportunity to showcase our community involvement at the display space in the library quad provided by the SRC on Wednesday 18 March 2009. 

Psychology, and especially applied professional psychology, implies “community engagement” since psychology is the study of human behaviour in context.

The Psychology Department at Rhodes University is either directly or indirectly involved in a number of community engagement projects. These projects are either formal Service Learning or more informal volunteer projects, and are either managed and coordinated directly from and by the Psychology Department and Psychology Clinic, or in collaboration with other organisations such as the Centre for Social Development, student societies such as SHARC, and on national level, the Transnet Foundation.

The following is a list of a selection of the projects the Psychology Department is involved with:

• Child Community Project (in collaboration with the CSD)

• Phelophepa Health Train (in collaboration with Transnet)

• Big brother/big sister project (in collaboration with SHARC)

• Psychology Clinic and Local Schools Project

• Group and Individual therapeutic and assessment work from the Psychology Clinic

• National Sports Concussion Initiative

• Agony Aunt Column (in collaboration with Upstart and Grocotts Mail)