Unprecedented number of applications for the 2011 Master's degree

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The Department of Psychology is delighted at the number of applications Rhodes received for the Masters degree in Counselling and Clnical Psychology for 2011. A total of 119 individuals have applied to Rhodes this year, a substantial increase from previous years, and will be competing for 10 places in the course. There are six places available for clinical psychology students and four places for counselling psychology. Fifty shortlisted applicants have been invited to attend the next stage of the selection process which is due to take place in the week of 2nd to 6th August. The first stage of this process will involve a counselling role play and two individual interviews with each candidate. Based on their performance during this stage, 25 candidates will be invited to the panel interviews that will take place over the Thursday and Friday of the selection week. The names of the 10 selected candidates, and another 5 candidates who will be placed on a waiting list, will be announced on the Friday night (6th August).