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Dr Lumka Qangule
Dr Lumka Qangule

Dr Qangule

Dr Lumka Qangule is a Counselling Psychologist with a well-established local practice. Her PhD was supervised by Professor Jacqui Akhurst entitled: "An investigation of the experiences of psychotherapists regarding Ubuntu in their psychotherapy practice: an interpretative phenomenological analysis". Dr Qangule's concerns were that the use of only Eurocentric principles when working with clients of African origin may not lead to the desired outcomes in psychotherapy. One of the examiners from the USA noted that he applauded “the author for contributing in this area".  Another examiner commended her for "masterfully and comprehensively" describing and using Intepretative Phenomenological Analysis. Through an in-depth analysis of interviews and a focus group with 8 practicing amaXhosa psychotherapists, she found that they included some practices of Ubuntu in their practice, as well as upholding Eurocentric principles that seemed to be helpful. Dr Qangule then developed an UBuntu-Centred Psychotherapy model, more congruent with the worldviews and styles of living of many South Africans, incorporating relationships that are "both vertical and horizontal (spiritual and humanistic)". A further examiner commends Dr Qangule for having developed "a replicable model of African psychology. In doing this she has made a valuable contribution to the field".

Source:  Department of Psychology

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