Masters Students

Registered Masters students for 2013:

Bango, Y

Bango 2013

I was born in the beautiful, underrated and underdeveloped city of Mthatha (Eastern Cape) but have had the experience of living in different cities in an outside the Eastern Cape, throughout my life. I have been at Rhodes since 2009; I did a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Politics and Industrial and Economic Sociology. I further completed a BA Honours in Development Studies. I am now in my first year of Masters in Development Studies and also working as a Teaching Assistant in the department.  My research interest is in youth development, youth involvement in South African social and political issues and to what extent we as youth are using our agency as citizens to secure a more stable future for our generation and the next ones to come. 

Chamuka, P


Paidashe Chamuka

I am a second year Master of Social Science in Development Studies student. My study focuses on HIV/AIDS. With no vaccine or cure found for HIV/AIDS, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Joint United Nations Programme (UNAIDS) on HIV/AIDS recommended and adopted various HIV/AIDS prevention methods. Of the various recommended HIV/AIDS prevention methods, I focus on two hotly contested methods under the theme, “HIV/AIDS and condom use by medically circumcised males in Harare, Zimbabwe.” There are widespread claims within scientific circles that male circumcision curtails HIV transmission in hetero-sexual relationships. With MMC providing partial protection of about 60 percent against HIV transmission, it is therefore not a stand-alone method, hence the WHO and UNAIDS emphasise that MMC should never replace other known preventative measures such that condoms should be used by medically circumcised males. But controversy exists within Zimbabwe (and beyond) on whether these two prevention methods (circumcision and condom use) complement or substitute for each other in the fight against the HIV epidemic given the fact that Zimbabwe is not a circumcising country. My focus is on the sexual behaviour of medically-circumcised males with regard to condom use. I hold a post-grad diploma in Project Planning and Management as well as a BSc Honours Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe. I am interested in public health as well as development issues.


Chikukwa, V

Vimbai Chikukwa

I am a second year Masters student from Zimbabwe. I am currently a Teaching Assistant in the Department. My research interests lie in social policy and access to social justice among other things. Currently, my study looks to research the policy behind the child support grants and how or if they alleviate poverty in a constitutional democratic state that enshrines the right to social security. In light of the poverty levels that plague some parts of our society, I believe the state has a role to play in conjunction with the community and other international players in empowering and emancipating people through the grant system.

Delport, K

Kandi Delport

My name is Kandi Delport and I am currently doing my third (final) year part time Masters in the Sociology Department.  I began at Rhodes University in 2007 and after completing my Honours degree in Industrial and Economic Sociology in 2010 I began my masters on a part time basis. The focus of my current research is centred on skills development in South Africa. More specifically the research aims to identify the role of business as a social partner in the achievement of national skills development objectives. I feel that working and studying simultaneously has given me an opportunity to gain further insight into the roles that businesses play in both local and national development.

Dial, S

Doyle, AR

Doyle AR

I am a second year MA student. My research study will be conducted in the field of environmental sociology, specifically examining issues within bioprotecting, intellectual property rights and biopiracy. The research will also examine benefit sharing amongst indigenous knowledge groups and multi-national corporations looking at issues of environmental management, policy and law in terms of biological resources. This will entail addressing agreements such as the agreement on the Trade and Related aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS) and agreements established within the Covention on Biological Diversity. My case study will place focus on the trade of pelargonium in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Dzambo, N

Nadine Dzambo 2013

I am a 1st year part-time Masters student in Sociology. I completed my undergraduate degree here at Rhodes majoring in Psychology and Sociology in 2007. I then proceeded to do my Honours in Development studies in 2008 and now I’m back. What can I say, I love learning at Rhodes! My research interests are on the impact of technology on society.

Fobosi, SC

SC Fobosi

I am a full-time Masters student in the Department of Sociology, Rhodes University. I am in my 2nd year of a two year full thesis MA programme. My thesis examines the labour process within the mini-bus taxi industry in East London. In a structural sense, this industry is located in the ‘informal economy’, but it is currently subjected to contradictory processes of formalization and informalization. I have been studying at RU since first year (2007) and majored in Industrial and Economic Sociology, Organisational Psychology, and Political and International Studies in my undergrad Degree. I went on and studied Honours in Industrial and Economic Sociology in 2011. I am currently a Teaching Assistant for the department, and an External Consultant with the Consultancy Africa Intelligence. I have widely researched on human rights issues – and have written articles, some of which have been published on the Consultancy Africa Intelligence, and Polity websites.

Garayi, P

Precious Garayi

I am a second year Master of Social Science Student from Zimbabwe. I currently hold a Bachelor of Social Science degree (2009) in which I majored in Industrial & Economic Sociology and Legal Theory. I also hold a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree which I obtained in 2011. I am currently a MA/PhD representative on the Sociology student representative committee as well as a Teaching Assistant in the Department. I am passionate about Labour Law and Industrial Relations and this has had a huge impact on my research interest. My area of research is on the impact of Labour Laws specifically on small businesses. Labour Laws seem to have laws that mainly apply to big businesses. Small businesses seem to suffer excessively under the burden of labour legislation and they are not exempted from it; they also generally do not have the financial or administrative resources to comply with all regulatory requirements. My thesis will examine the relationship between Labour Laws and small business operations. 

Goqoza, NJ

Noluyolo J. Goqoza.

I was born and bred in Port-Elizabeth. I have been at Rhodes since 2008 and have obtained my Bachelor of Social Sciences majoring in Industrial Sociology and Politics as well as my Honours Degree in Industrial Sociology. I am currently in my first year of Masters in Industrial Sociology and I am also a Teaching Assistant at the department. My Masters thesis is on the impact that restructuring of Transnet has had on their former workers through the pension fund, post the year 2000.


Hitchcock, KA

Hitchcock 2013

I am a second year masters student doing Development Studies in the  Sociology Department. I am 22 years old and have been at Rhodes since  2008. I did a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Sociology and  Anthropology.  My masters thesis is on Tourism and development in the  Transkei. I have been a tutor since 2011, for first, second and third  year sociology students. 

Johnson, G

Kazadi, KS



I am a first year Masters student from Zambia. My BA undergraduate degree majored in Industrial and Economic Sociology and Organisational Psychology with the rest of the credits in music courses. My Honours in 2012 was in Industrial Sociology. My Masters research topic is going to take a look at the sustainability of the Zambian music industry. The majority of Zambian artists in the contemporary Zambian music industry struggle to survive solely on what they make from their music. The few well-known artists  who have 'made it' often do so outside of Zambia. This research will  examine some of the reasons for the struggles faced by Zambian  musicians in terms of access to regular exposure, studio time and profit.

Kheswa, N.

Nomzamo Kheswa

I am a 23-year old student from ‘South Africa’s Playground’, namely, Durban. I have been studying at Rhodes University since my first-year (2008), doing a Bachelor of Arts, with majors in Industrial & Economic Sociology and Philosophy.

I am doing my second year of a Master of Arts Degree in Industrial & Economic Sociology and currently tutor INS II students. My research interest in my two-year journey is the issues around the control and management of farm workers in commercial agriculture. Entitled “Labour legislation and the labour process in commercial farms in the Eastern Cape”, my thesis aims to investigate possible changes in the manner in which farm workers are co-ordinated and controlled in the workplace in light of the incorporation of labour legislation into the sector in post-apartheid South Africa. In light of the 100th year commemoration of the 1913 Land Act, it is imperative to not only consider land policies (such as redistribution and restitution) but to see also how policy changes – in light of previously oppressive legislation – currently affect one of the most marginalised groups of labourers in the economy. 

Knight, K

Kayla Knight

Kayla Knight is a first year Masters student, writing a thesis in development studies that discusses development NGOs in rural Zimbabwe. She is originally from Montana, USA, did her undergraduate studies at Northern Arizona University in Anthropology, and spent two years teaching English in South Korea before coming to South Africa to study at Rhodes. Next year she will be living in Zimbabwe, working on rural development projects with Falcon College.  Outside of her professional endeavors, she is a musician and an avid hike

MacNeill, J

Jessica MacNeill

My name is Jessica MacNeill and I am in my second year of Master’s. I am Canadian but moved to South Africa 10 years ago. I have studies at Rhodes University since 2007 majoring in Industrial & Economic Sociology. My master’s thesis is focused around the impact that labour legislation has on small firms in the hospitality industry in South Africa. The government has initiatives for furthering both the hospitality industry as well as the small business sector. The importance of this research lies in the fact that small businesses contribute greatly to our country’s GDP and are a beacon for job creation and therefore should be promoted through growth and sustainability. It is the primary aim of the research to determine whether present labour legislation will have a hindering effect on small firms. 

Mahote, T

Marais. S

Maseko, Q

Qondile Maseko

My name is Qondile (Que) Maseko. I am from Swaziland and I am currently in my first year at masters level with the Sociology Department. I did my bachelor of Social Sciences and Honours at Rhodes University. My research topic is "A critical evaluation of Medical Waste management Practices, Processes and Policies in Rural hospitals in the Eastern Cape" and this was borne out of an interest in investigating a globally increasing crises in medical waste. I am hoping to work in areas relating to social services, community development or social research. Sociology has enabled me to develop knowledge when it comes to understanding the social world and it’s dynamics. Sociology is such a diverse subject and is not restrictive which is what I love about it. It feeds into various subject areas of study concerned with the human world. I am currently doing my research on medical waste management looking at the healthcare system more specifically the way they manage/mismanage their waste (medical waste) and how that is affecting not only the natural environment and home environment but public health as well.

Maselwa, A

Mercadal-Barroso, AK


I am from Botswana and I am currently doing my first year of Masters in General Sociology.  My chosen research topic is “Exploring Franz Fanon’s theory of Black Inferiority Complex and what relevance it has in South Africa today”.  Some of the issues which shall be addressed in my research include what exactly is a ‘Black Inferiority Complex’, what effects is it said to have on people; and most importantly whether or not there is still a need to address such issues of black inferiority especially in the face of a growing black consciousness.  Given my own colourful background, issues with regards to race, culture and diversity have always been of great interest to me and to some degree this has fuelled my choice in this research.     

Mfecane, A

Mosuoe, Teboho, P.

Teboho Mosuoe

Teboho Mosuoe

Teboho Mosuoe, from the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, is a second year Masters student in the Department of Sociology, doing a research on Information and Communication Technology for rural development (ICT4D). The research attempts to explore the influence of the particular model of ICT4D- the “living lab” approach, in cultivating social capital in the communities, and how that can contribute to civic participation and innovative rural development.  

The research will explore how improved methods of communication and distribution of information has led to the strengthening of social networks within the communities, and how that has led to strengthening the communication between the community and other sectors, namely the government, researchers, and private sector.    

The research will be carried out in the Dwesa region of the former Transkei, in Eastern Cape, which is a representative of many rural African realities.

Motsetse, M

Matsepo Motsetse‌‎‌

I am doing my second year of Masters in Development Studies. My research topic is "Child Support Grants and intra-household relations in Sinathingi, KwaZulu Natal". My thesis seeks to identify and examine the relationships between on the one hand, the provision in post Apartheid South Africa of the child support grants and, on the other hand, the intra-household relations of grant recipient households. My research was inspired by the fact that the grant is currently the most distributed and most accessible grant for many impoverished households in South Africa and the grant appears to be helping millions of children and their caregivers to sustain their livelihoods. In the near future I would really love to work with NGOs and help communities with social development.

Msindo EM

Esteri Msindo

My name is Esteri Makotore Msindo and i am doing first year masters in Development studies. I am a mother of two and have been studying at Rhodes since 2008.

My research focuses on education rights, with specific focus on initiatives by civil organisations in an attempt to advance education rights to the citizens in Grahamstown. My research interest comes as a result of the current education state within the Eastern Cape, which inspite of government channelling resources to the province challenges remain as to the quality of education and education outcomes remain wanting. My study is a microcosm of the macrocosm of the education system in South Africa.

Mussa, KS

Khadija Mussa

My name is Khadija Sungeni Mussa, a proud 21 year old Malawian from the bustling city of Mangochi, home to the most beautiful beaches and attraction sites of Lake Malawi. Born in Zimbabwe, the home of my grandmother, I have had the privilege of learning and being raised in both countries. I’ve been at Rhodes since 2009. During my time here I co-founded the Rhodes Malawi Society with my friend from high school upon our arrival at Rhodes, obtained my Bachelor of Social Science Degree (2011) with majors in Sociology and Political & International Studies as well as my Bachelor of Social Science (Interdisciplinary Honours) (2012) in Development Studies. I’m currently in my first year of a Master of Social Science degree in Development Studies and also work in the department as a Teaching Assistant. My research interest is in the operation, impact and effectiveness of NGOs in the Eastern Cape, mainly looking at the difference between those that are government funded and those whose funds come from international donors. I also intend to look at the effects of local economic development in the province as it is regarded the poorest province in South Africa. My future plan is to have a career in the development arena, following in the footsteps of my father. I hope to work for organizations such as the UN or government development agencies such as the British Government’s Department for International Development (DFID).


Ndlovu, AA

Anna Ndlovu

My name is Ana Admiração Ndlovu, a Mozambiquen by origin and regarding the vibrant and bustling city of Maputo as my home. I have been a Rhodian from the beginning of my undergraduate studies in 2007, after which I subsequently earned an Honors in Development studies in 2010 and now have ultimately had the opportunity to undertake my studies as a master’s of social science. My area of interest and passion is specifically in development studies, in which I’m a first year student. The field of economic and human development is a topic I consider to be of extreme and pressing importance and I desire intensely to make a positive difference in this arena, both through theoretic contributions in academia as well as through practical application. My current field of research along these lines is the “The European Union and state autonomy in the context of developmental plan and AID provision – the case of Mozambique".

Ntikinca, KL

Pinto, C

Sekele, LH

L Sekele

I am from Kempton Park, Gauteng. I have been at Rhodes since 2009 and have obtained my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Sociology as well as my Honours degree in Development Studies. I am currently in my first year of Master’s in Development Studies and am also a Teaching Assistant in the department. I am also serving on the SRC as the Student Benefits and Sponsorships Councillor.

My primary interest lies in the field of Health Policy in the South African context particularly with regard to policy responses to and the management of HIV/AIDS.  My thesis is concerned with the way in which Social Marketing is being employed to address public health issues in South Africa i.e. the effectiveness of health promotion and prevention strategies.  There is a growing popularity in the use of Social Marketing Campaigns to address major social issues, however, they seem to have little to no impact at all in relation to various health issues. It is thus important to evaluate the application of Social Marketing in South Africa and its limitations and challenges.

My hobbies include reading, travelling and being actively involved in causes that champion for human rights and justice in any sphere of society. My future plans include a career in the public sector as well as policy planning and evaluation. 

Sipungu, TA

Shange, NT

Nombulelo Tholithemba Shange

I’m Nombulelo a young bubbly and I think intelligent twenty something year old from Durban, the always sunny city. I started and completed both my undergrad and honours degrees at Rhodes University. I guess I have a keen interest in diversity and culture as both my honours and masters topics are based on these two themes. My current research is based on African Traditional Religion and more specifically the Shembe religion which began in the 1900s in none either that the coolest province in South Africa, KZN. Explore the Shembe religion and its teachings and discuss how it incorporates both African traditional religion and Christianity. Explore how some members of the Shembe church experience the acceptance of the Shembe religion in South African society. Discuss how some of the Shembe members experience this religion.What has been done on the provincial level and in legislation to encourage tolerance and acceptance of diversity as well as the participating of “alternative” groups (such as the Shembe church) in the creating of social policy? When I am finally done with school I would love to teach English is Japan for a year. I’m still not sure what I want to end up doing with my life in terms of my career but I still have roughly another two years to figure that out. But as lame and cliché as this might sound, I want to help people and have fun while doing it.

Takawira, WM

Tessendorf, SM

Zvobgo, TJ

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