Six academics to deliver inaugural lecturers in 2014

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Six academics to deliver inaugural lecturers in 2014
Six academics to deliver inaugural lecturers in 2014

Six Professors will deliver their inaugural lectures at Eden Grove Blue from May until September this year.

The inaugural lectures mark the conferring of the status of full professorship to a Rhodes University academic staff member.

“It is an evening on which as academic peers, colleagues, students, family, friends, and the public we celebrate the intellectual and scholarly achievements of one of our professors,” says Vice-Chancellor, Dr Saleem Badat.

As is tradition at Rhodes University, an academic procession will be held at each inaugural lecturer.

Last year five Professors delivered their inaugural lectures.

Another special event in the Rhodes Calendar is the Vice-Chancellor Awards lecturers. The 2013 Vice-Chancellor's Awards recipients will deliver their lecturers in Eden Grove Blue this year.

Senior Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Research award recipient, Prof Martin Hill and Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award recipient, Prof Jen Snowball are expected to kick-start the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards on 14 May.

Senior Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award recipient Ms Undine Weber and Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award recipient Mr Andrew Todd will deliver their lectures on 1 October.

The following inaugural lectures will take place this year:  

Prof Matthias Goebel - 21 May 

Prof Gary Baines - 30 July

Prof Brett Pletschke - 6 August

Prof Sheona Shackleton - 13 August

Prof Louise Vincent - 27 August

Prof Lucien Van der Walt - 17 September



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